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Each week Maria Franzoni, Speaker Bureau Director, invites one of her speakers to talk about their life, work, passions and leisure so that you can get to know the person who is the speaker behind the mic.

Maria’s guest is international brand specialist, Kubi Springer. Kubi has 20 years’ experience in consumer brand marketing with some of the world’s top brands as her clients.  Quite simply Kubi builds brands.  She describes herself as a little girl with a big mouth and I’ll tell you what every word that comes out of that mouth is pure wisdom.

This week we do some serious celebrity name dropping.  If you are a music fan like me you are going to love some of these names.  We share a bit of tough love and we get some really top advice on how to truly connect with your customers for sustainable commercial growth.

Since 1996 brand specialist Kubi Springer has been working with companies and high profile individuals to create, build and grow their brands for commercial success.

With an impressive portfolio of global powerhouses, Kubi Springer’s name has become synonymous with three words – She Builds Brands. Renowned for her in-depth knowledge and understanding of industry trends, Kubi has created a reputation of being able to launch and grow brands to international markets, with a focus on the brands’ commercial development and sustainability.

Celebrating over twenty years in consumer brand marketing, today Kubi Springer splits her time between delivering projects as an International Brand Specialist and travelling the world as a Brand Trainer & Speaker. When she is not doing that, she can be found hosting shows as a Business Media Personality & Contributor, as well as being an Author of her first book What Is Fabulous, a memoir for women overcoming fear and launching brands.

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