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A community for people like you, who are serious about building a profitable speaking business, building a business you love sharing your expertise with audiences and getting appropriately recompensed for the value that you bring.

Join the group for lots of great free content from me and the amazing experts I’ve curated for you and—just as importantly—benefit from the power of a connected community supporting one another’s growth.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together. Together we can achieve more. If you want to become world-class at something, you need to surround yourself with world-class people. Learn from those who’ve done it, how to build a sustainable Speaking Business.

You can get ‘advice’ anywhere, but in the group you’ll learn from me and leading experts from my network, who I’ve worked with myself and have hand-picked to deliver you great results because they are practitioners out there doing it, not just talking the talk, they are walking the walk.

You’ll have access to videos, resources and great engagement, all for free. I work with some incredible speakers and in the Speaking Business Group you get access to me and my inner-circle all in one place.

Here's what our members say:

"Love this group and all the wisdom that is shared." Harriet Waley-Cohen

"Great group Maria, one of the few i really interact with because of the great people and insights you curate." Sophie Bennett

What are most speakers missing that corporate clients look for? A killer showreel.

In my free guide to showreels that get you booked, I share with you the seven key elements to consider when making your showreel, and professional editing is only one of them!

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