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January 9th 2020

Let's Celebrate The Speaking Business

We thought we'd kick start 2020 in the Speaking Business world with a celebration of all things speaking. Whether you are starting out in your speaking career or you've been speaking for years, come and join us for your chance to mingle and get to know fellow speakers and/or catch up with old friends.

As well as drinks and canapés, Maria Franzoni will provide a round up of 2019, which territories have grown, what topics have been trending, what’s happening with regards to fees across the globe etc. And a bit of an insight into how 2020 is shaping up with forward bookings. We may also have a few surprises for you too to get things started with a bang in 2020.

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January 20th 2020

The Ultimate Sales Seminar for Professional Speakers

Do you want to ‘up your game’, get more bookings, increase your average fee and get both repeat business and referrals?



Would you like to charge more money and position yourself as a leading expert in your field and get booked by large corporates - either direct or through speaker bureaus?

If you have said yes to any of the above, then this day could well be the best investment you ever make.

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January 27th 2020

How to get booked to speak, again and again and again

Welcome to this highly practical, inspirational and informative workshop, designed to help you expand your speaking business, by showing you: how to strengthen your profile, ensure you are delivering content that is current and relevant, gain clarity about the solutions you provide, and learn techniques to improve your performance in a way that makes you the speaker clients look to book again and again and again.

"Man O Man, the course really kicked my plan into place. It gave me real clarity around what I do and how I can help you get me booked." Alison Edgar

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Create a Killer Speaker Showreel that gets you booked – We do it for you!

Give yourself the best chance to get paid speaking gigs by having a Killer Speaker Showreel. Killer because you’ll have not only top quality video and audio but the expertise of a team of bookers working on your reel, who know exactly what other bookers need to see in order to choose you over the competition. We will create not one but three videos for you, your showreel, a TED style talk and an introduction video. The Showreel Day is run by MARIA FRANZONI AND MARY TILLSON FROM MARIA FRANZONI LTD, in collaboration with NEIL ARMSTRONG FILMS AND TOM MORLEY.

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Standing out from the crowd - 121 Presentation Skills Coaching

To be a speaker who stands out from the crowd from other speakers all competing for the same event, and to be one who can deliver a compelling, inspiring, memorable presentation is a fantastic gift and requires a good mix of skills, techniques and approach. We work with hundreds of speakers, and we know which ones we can sell time and time again, and those that sadly, we know we cannot sell because their delivery style and messages simply don’t cut it for our clients. This workshop is facilitated by MARY TILLSON, HEAD OF MOMENTUM AND EXECUTIVE LEARNING AT MARIA FRANZONI LTD.

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What are most speakers missing that corporate clients look for? A killer showreel.

In my free guide to showreels that get you booked, I share with you the seven key elements to consider when making your showreel, and professional editing is only one of them!