Ask the Expert – Q&A with Maria Franzoni

Do you wish you had someone in the speaking industry you could talk to, someone who knows what’s going on in the market, what clients are looking for from speakers, what’s hot and what’s not?   Someone who can save you a ton of time in research, help you to achieve your speaking goals and answer your questions?

You do?  Then why not book a 60-minute Q&A call with Maria Franzoni?  Maria has over 20 years’ experience working in and running international speaker bureaus providing top speakers to clients across the globe.

Maria is open, honest and will tell you exactly how it is.  She’s an expert because she is practicing what she preaches, she is working with clients and handling their enquiries every day. Maria likes to think of herself as the Simon Cowell of the Speaking world!  She will give you both answers and food for thought.

Examples of what can be discussed (list not exhaustive):

  • How do I position myself so I stand out and get booked?
  • What should I charge?
  • Which is the right market for me?
  • Which audience should I be aiming at?
  • Why am I not getting booked?
  • How can I improve my profile (bio etc)?

The call will be recorded, so that you can refer back to it as and when you need to.

“My Q&A session with Maria was focussed on improving my business, full of practical tips, and excellent value. This is just a brilliant way to get access to over 20 years of experience in how to position yourself with bureaus. If you’re serious about working with bureaus this is a no-brainer”  Bob Ferguson

"I reached out to Maria when I thought I was ready...and she gave me what I am always most grateful for. BRUTAL, honest, direct feedback. She said the things I feared but others just weren't saying. I didn't like it, but I did believe it, and over a 3 year period I worked on it. After a chance meeting I mentioned I was so thankful for her advice those years ago. She looked at my 'stuff' again and she was so complimentary...and because I knew I could trust her - I continue to turn to her for her expert input."  Amy Brann

I have 4 pages of A4 notes from my mentoring session with Maria yesterday, with 'aha' moments galore. Many were things I knew already but hadn't really acted on as a professional speaker and others were the sort of insights into the speaking business that would take years (and no doubt lots of costly mistakes) to find out. Thank you Maria! Penny Pullan

I really enjoyed our chat. I definitely feel much better after getting your advice and excited about moving forward with my speaking business. Lots of changes to make but everything you said makes perfect sense and having your experienced eye on my work will doubtless prove to be invaluable. Shola Kaye

Price: GBP 245 plus VAT

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