How to write a great speech effortlessly

  • Have you ever sat at your desk for endless hours trying to craft your speech and the inspiration just won’t come?
  • Have you ever had to turn down work because you simply didn’t have enough time to design a great speech for the client?
  • Do you find that sometimes you lack full confidence in what you have designed?
  • Are you spending so much time trying to write your speeches that it leaves little time to grow and develop other aspects of your business
  • Have you ever had that feeling after you have delivered your speech that perhaps it could have been better somehow?
  • Would you love to know how to make your speech and your messages really land with your audience and leave a lasting memory?

If any of the above resonate with you then then this highly practical group workshop is the one for you.

Research has shown that the most successful speakers consistently tick three major boxes. They are relevant, memorable and make it easy for their audience to listen to, follow, understand, and remember.

WOMBAT is the practical framework that enables you to tick each of these boxes effortlessly and enables you to deliver your expertise superbly, every time. No more sleepless nights worrying about what content to include or exclude. A simple process that you can use time and time again. Importantly, a process that enables you to design and then deliver that all important referable speech – the one that gets you more bookings.

In this practical half day group workshop, you will not only learn the techniques and process, but will have an opportunity to apply the techniques to one of your upcoming speeches, or against an existing one that you would like to rework.

Included in this highly practical and interactive half-day group workshop:

  • Thought provokers about you and your delivery style
  • The importance of scoping before you design and tips on how to scope brilliantly
  • WOMBAT – the framework unveiled and explored
  • WOMBAT your speech - applying each element against your upcoming speech
  • Share the critical elements of your talk and messages you wish to land, and receive feedback and healthy challenge from the tutor and group
  • Deliver live, your powerful openings and closes and receive feedback
  • Personal action planning


  • WOMBAT Methodology
  • Presentation templates
  • A process you can use every time you have to write a speech
  • Feedback and Ideas on how to strengthen your talk
  • The confidence that each speech you write will be relevant, memorable and easy for your audience to listen to and understand

This workshop will run on a date to be agreed with the delegates on booking.

Fee:   GBP 297 plus VAT

What a few of our speakers have said of our programmes:

"I worked with Mary to help me develop a new presentation I was building for a client. Mary is an absolute delight to work with. It's often hard to find someone who can get to the level of depth I'm looking for in a coaching session. Mary gets there. She helped me see things in new ways and make positive changes that will ultimately increase my impact on the audiences I serve. She has a keen eye for the big things and little things that matter most. I'll continue working with Mary in future because it's rare to find a coach in your field who is as effective as Mary is in hers. I highly recommend her if you need help crafting a presentation or getting her keen eye on an existing presentation that you are refining." Jeremiah Brown - The 4 Year Olympian Speaker

"Calling all speakers, from novice to pro's, Mary Tillson-Wharton is a superstar of a coach! I recently gave the keynote at a major industry annual conference. It was my first time back on a big stage since the pandemic and I needed reconditioning for composing the talk and a fresh approach to rehearsing it. Mary introduced me to her technique called WOMBAT (have fun de-coding) and in just ONE session she got me to a clear, audience- friendly structure, relatable key messaging, dynamic pacing and creative ideas for effective interactions. In ONE more session Mary rehearsed me and gave me invaluable feedback for final revisions and enhancements. She is fun to work with, laser sharp in her observations, and has your back 100%. Thank you Mary. You rock!" Diana Theodores, The Presence & Performance Specialist

“Mary’s scoping tools have been invaluable, I never go into a client briefing without her framework of questions - they support me in gaining a better understanding of the client and their objectives so that ultimately I can deliver an exceptional service for them. On more than one occasion recently Mary’s scoping techniques have led to a more comprehensive programme of speaking and training rather than the one off speech that the client initially requested.” Anna Hemmings MBE, Olympian, World Champion, High Performance and Resilience speaker

"Success! I had achieved my mission of landing a prime speaking slot at a notable conference – but then the panic set in.  I was feeling overwhelmed, and imposter syndrome raged through my veins. I knew I had a great message to convey but just didn’t know where to start. With Mary’s help and her simple WOMBAT structure, we worked through the formula to plan, produce and polish an impactful keynote speech which really resonated with my audience.  The feedback was incredible from the listeners and other fellow speakers alike.  Now it’s my go to tool for any talk, however short or long, as I know it will allow me to me the best impact possible." Helen Chorley, Property Angel Investor

"I have just worked with Mary Tillson on an online course. Have you worked with her yet? You need to - she is brilliant. She gets it. She just seems to know what works, what's right and how to put it all together. Her experience is immense, and I highly recommend you talk to her if you're thinking of building speeches, courses, or workshops etc."Penny Mallory Speaker

"Mary helped me to be very clear on the topic for my new Keynote but even more powerful was the way she helped me design my whole speech with a powerful framework along with practical and specific feedback. She also shared with me, powerful scoping questions so I can understand my client’s needs in a way that gets me more business. A few hours with Mary and I got a world class keynote, satisfied customers, and more business. That's what I call a High ROI!" Ricardo Cabete, Emotional Intelligence Speaker

"An exceptional coach. Mary brings years of experience working with corporates and entrepreneurs, she is resolutely focused on improving your performance, she offers you encouragement and is direct with her feedback. I found her to be generous and insightful. A consummate professional and someone I recommend to others. If you would like to improve your impact, this is the lady to help you." Susie de Rohann-Willner Speaker and CEO of TOAST

The workshop will be run by Mary Tillson:


Mary Tillson

Mary is Head of Speaker Coaching and Momentum, helping speakers develop their content and messaging, and maximise their personal impact and delivery style to ensure that they are at all times relevant, memorable and make it easy for their audience to be able to listen to and understand them. Three essentials to getting booked to speak again and again.  She co-facilitates many of our workshops with Maria and is lead tutor on content specific workshops.

Additionally, she supports speakers in delivering more than “just a speech” and build on the momentum achieved from their speeches. Many clients are now looking for a return on their investment from a speaker and want the learning from the speech embedded back within their business in some way to bring about the behavioural change they seek.

To learn more about Mary:

About Mary


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