Maximising your impact online

The life of Speakers has been turned upside down over the last few months and the need to be able to make an impact virtually, deliver their expertise, engage with, and influence their audiences has become ever tougher when the audience is often unseen, and at best, reduced to a 2-inch window on a monitor. Too often virtual audiences are being subjected to a variety of Speaker’s nostrils, eyebrows, distracting backgrounds, poor lighting, dubious audio and more, none of which enhance a Speaker’s credibility!

As a professional Speaker, the need to look and sound professional online has never been more important. Having the right lighting, appropriate background, positioning to camera, quality audio and recording equipment and then having to juggle delivery with keeping an eye on the audience whilst still making an impact can be a challenge!

Clients are actively looking for and paying for high quality delivery style, not just content.

Setting up a “remote studio” has become an essential in this “new normal.” For most, this can seem daunting either from the technical aspect and uncertainty as to what to invest in, and then how to use the equipment. For many, this can also seem prohibitive financially.

Help is at hand! Read on!

Jon Hammond is in a unique position to advise and coach you on a 121 basis to take your online speaking reputation to the next level. With 40 years of experience and insight, from the world of TV and Radio, he is your secret weapon to give you the unique advantage of standing out with your virtual communication and building that essential virtual reputation, which leads to speaking success.

Jon shares the strategies, tips, tricks, and techniques needed to connect effectively and memorably through a lens.

Specifically, he can help you with the following, and at all times, within your personal budget.

  • He will discuss with you your existing equipment and identify where there might be gaps for you to fill, as well as assess your comfort levels with all things technical.
  • He will then guide you as to which are the most appropriate cameras, microphones, lighting, and backdrops that you should consider investing in to create your simple remote studio that enables you to look totally professional.
  • He will provide advice on how to set up and then use the equipment you have purchased effectively, until you feel confident in using them effortlessly. For an additional fee, and by agreement, he can come to your home and show you in person how to use all the equipment. (Subject to social distancing rules).
  • He will introduce you to the television techniques and skills, that will help you feel totally relaxed and comfortable in your new world.
  • He will run “live online tech tests” with you and give you feedback and coaching and advice as relevant.

This will take place over two zoom sessions – one to discuss and suggest technical solutions to achieve the ‘look’ you require, and then the second to talk about and practice getting the best results from your new home studio.

He takes the pain away of all things technical! He's your secret weapon!

COST: £300 plus VAT

To book or for more information, please complete the enquiry form below:

    What are most speakers missing that corporate clients look for? A killer showreel.

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