One to One – Bringing the skills of Stand-Up Comedians to Speaking

“The most viewed TED speakers deliver on average one joke per minute in their keynote speeches. The best deliver two jokes per minute.” Jeremey Donovan, ‘How to Deliver a TED talk’

Learn to become more fully yourself - to evoke atmosphere, create laughter and experience yourself as an inspiring and entertaining speaker rather than simply as a conveyor of information with Jack Milner.

“Skills learnt from the world of stand up and theatre means fresh, natural and compelling communication” Jack Milner

1-2-1 Masterclass content

Each coaching session is tailored for the individual, so this is a very rough guide of what you’ll be doing!


Making sure your talk excites you and that you have something different, inspiring and entertaining to say. We’ll also go through some techniques to add humour


Adding humour, stories, structure and fun to your talk. Try it out and getting feedback from Jack.


Adding more layers of humour. Fine tuning. Trying it out and getting more humour.

If you want Jack to write you some jokes just ask!

Speakers usually book Jack over 3 sessions. These typically last 60-90 minutes and take place online. You can either book a series of 3, or just take it one session at a time. Please be aware that Jack’s time is limited so if you want to build momentum then it’s best to book a series of 3.

What to do next

Arrange a brief scoping call to allow Jack to gain greater clarity on what you’re trying to achieve as a speaker and then design a programme to get you there. You then book your first session!

Jack Milner:

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Jack Milner

Comedy writer, comedy director, speaker and facilitator, Jack Milner is a leading speaking and stand up coaches. He is a preferred speaking coach for London Speaker bureau and Maria Franzoni Limited. He has coached many of the world’s leading speakers (yes a few of those are now the most booked speakers with the London Speaker Bureau), politicians, TED speakers and business leaders from some of the world’s 10 largest companies. His latest creation, co-written with Mark Stevenson, the farce “Octopus Soup” tours nationally and then internationally from February 2019.

Price: GBP 250 plus VAT per session

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