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•     Share your expertise

•     Build a loyal fan base

•     Get more speaking engagements

•     Demand higher fees

Speaking on-stage gives you the chance to show your expertise and experience, and connect with an audience for a short time. With a podcast, you can form a deeper, longer-lasting connection, build trust and increase your authority, all via the sound of your voice.

Over 7 million Brits listen to podcasts each week according to Ofcom’s 2019 study, and while we’re listening to more podcasts than ever, most people still only subscribe to a handful. So how do you set yourself apart, and encourage people to come back for more?

Quality output

One of the biggest reasons people give for abandoning a podcast episode partway through is because of poor sound quality. Cheap mics, overly-compressed files, little-to-no editing and bad mic technique are common among people starting out on their own. As a professional speaker, your words deserve better.

But even with the right gear, the technical realities of podcasting can feel overwhelming.

Technical knowhow

RSS feeds, bitrates, codecs, compression… these are just a few things it’s essential to have in place to host a podcast on the Internet. Of course, an experienced podcast editor can help with that, but if it’s all so complex, why not just upload straight to YouTube?

Audio is intimate

Building on the same principles as radio, podcasting is the most intimate medium, as the listener is inviting you into their personal space. You can be with them while they exercise, do the dishes, walk the dog or relax for the evening.

Video is expensive and time-consuming to do well, and while viewers can forgive a bit of poor lighting, they won’t forgive poor-quality audio.

While YouTube is driven by an algorithm that decides what to promote, great podcasts spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth.

Help is at hand

Mark Steadman is a digital content producer, podcaster and web consultant, with decades of experience making interactive and broadcast content for the web. He’s been producing podcasts since 2004 and has now formed the world’s first Podcast Publishing House™, which combines audio editing, production, web design, marketing, PR and coaching to help speakers grow their audiences.

What is a podcast publisher?

A podcast isn’t just a piece of audio you can play on your phone: it’s a website, a blog, a social media channel, and listening takes place in the kitchen, the car, the bath, even the bed.

We at the Speaking Business Academy use Mark Steadman as our publishing partner, to edit, remaster and fine-tune our audio. Mark also works with best-selling authors and critically-acclaimed performers, and has produced in-house podcast content for one of the UK’s largest telecoms providers.

Many more work with Mark to take care of the entire process, from gathering links and show notes, to promoting new series via blogs and newsletters across the world.

Keeping your goal in sight

Podcasting is not a numbers game, so Mark will help you focus on what you want to get out of your podcast, whether that’s more speaking engagements, an increase in book sales or workshop attendance, a opportunity to amplify your brand message, or simply to build up a body of content to demonstrate your expertise.

A podcast that reaches a hundred of the right people is infinitely more useful to you than one that’s thrown together, uploaded to the cloud and sacrificed to the Algorithm and reaches a thousand bots and a few Facebook friends. That’s where Mark at Radio Burrito can help.

Case Studies

Beyond Busy

Since 2016, Mark has worked with productivity expert Graham Allcott, whose podcast Beyond Busy features candid conversations with writers, performers, comedians, and thought leaders.

Graham records his conversations and uploads them to Dropbox. Mark adds music, an opening and closing statement, and writes comprehensive show notes including links and embedded videos, so listeners can dive deeper into the topics discussed.

"A podcast is a very intimate medium, giving people a great chance to get to know you. My podcast is an hour long, so the more time they spend with me, the more trust they’re building. People have booked workshops with me, bought books and attended my masterclass directly as a result of listening to Beyond Busy." — Graham Allcott, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja

How to Go to Work

Author Lucy Clayton and campaigner Steven Haines rely on Mark for production of the podcast series that accompanies their book, How to Go to Work, which helps young people navigate the journey to the job of their dreams.

As well as editing and mastering each episode, Mark provides hosting for the podcast, using a simple, clean website that helps new listeners dive straight into the content, and promotes their book.

How to Go to Work reached 17,000 listeners in just four weeks, with an average rating of 5 stars on Apple Podcasts.

"Working with Mark on the How to Go to Work podcast has been a straightforward and enjoyable journey — we value his perspective not just on the technical aspects but creatively also. We’ve felt supported and understood throughout the process and enjoy collaborating enormously." — Lucy Clayton & Steven Haines, authors of How to Go to Work

Your podcast package includes

  • Editing, mixing and formatting of audio interviews and/or monologues
  • Help finding theme music
  • Help with directory-compliant podcast artwork
  • Gathering of links and show notes
  • Publishing your podcast to all major directories and apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher and Google Podcasts
  • 12 months podcast hosting and analytics from Podiant
  • Promotion of podcast to newsletters and blogs
  • A PDF podcast press kit

Over to you

Have you got a book coming out? Are there people in your industry you’d love to spend 30 minutes with? Do you want to explore some thoughts that a keynote might be too short to address?

There are so many reasons to start a podcast, and no shortage of ideas, topics or guests. Your audience is waiting to hear from you.

Get started, with no commitment

A 12-episode season is the perfect way to test the water and help you find your feet, but whichever plan you pick, you won’t be tied into a long-term commitment.

6 episode trial run:           £ 680      £ 626

12 episode mini-series:    £1012    £ 900

24 episode series:           £1670    £1450

Regular weekly podcast: £2990    £2660 (based on 48 episodes per year)

All prices above are exclusive of VAT

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