Practical Prospecting One to One

Speaking is a great way to make a living but if your phone isn’t ringing and your inbox is empty, you may need to do something about it.

If any of the following is true for you then our Practical Prospecting One to One is exactly what you need.

  • “I am not getting enough gigs”
  • “I am not earning enough”
  • “I don’t know how to find any bookers”
  • “I am with several Bureaus but am getting very few gigs
  • “I really need help with the sales side of my business. I don’t know where to start”
  • “I want to prospect, but never know where to start or what to say, so I don’t”
  • “I have everything in place, yet I am still not getting booked”

It will be 2 x 2 hours of highly practical and interactive sessions delivered virtually via Zoom, underpinned with case studies, reusable templates, processes, supporting materials and advice. You will leave with prospects to contact after the session and a strategy and plan for how to approach them. (You’ll contact a few in the session too.)

Session Structure

We will begin with clarifying who you are targeting and what they are looking for.  I will then take you through the Four Practical Prospecting Techniques

The Four Practical Prospecting Techniques:

1.     Easy Wins

There are prospects everywhere – you’ll be surprised how many there are around you.  Let’s start with the very easy wins.  And let’s reach out to one or two as we go.

2.     Low Hanging Fruit

I love low hanging fruit, it’s easy to pick.  This technique is a lot like picking low hanging fruit.  Depending on where you are starting from, it could yield all the prospects you will ever need without having to use any other methods.

3.     Cloning

When you have found your ideal prospects/clients then you want to clone them, we’ll do that by applying Pareto.  The 80/20 rule works.  It works for prospecting too.  I’ll show you how.

4.     An Event Directory

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a directory of paying events, when they were taking place and who was running them?  It’s easy to get lists of events where you are paid peanuts or you can speak for free, but it’s also possible to create a list of paying events.  It takes a bit of time, but I’ll show you where they are all hiding in plain sight

Price: GBP 1500 plus VAT

“This is an exceptional course that has provided me with a good understanding, a clear process, and effective tools for successful prospecting. Most of all it created a different mindset of opportunity so that I can now see routes to new business that I didn't recognise before. The investment in this course will repay itself almost instantly.” Bob Ferguson, Technical Speaking Coach

"I had the great pleasure yesterday of spending the day with Maria and Mary. What a duo! The day was so loaded with value and instead of just making notes and listening, we had regular slots where we had to implement what we had just learnt. I made phone calls, sent emails and made numerous new connections. It was such a productive day." Caitriona Ellis, Financial Wellness Speaker

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for the Practical Prospecting course on Wednesday, it was soooooooooo good!  You really made me see that there is so much opportunity out there and I am really excited! It was such a positive day.” Lucy Evans, Marketing, Comms & PR Specialist

"Maria's course "Practical Prospecting" is exactly that. It is one of the most practical courses I have attended and as an established speaker I attend many! It also delivers on it's promise ... you will prospect and the more you prospect the more you prosper! The pre-work was very valuable so definitely do that when you do the course yourself. Maria's style is focussed and fierce, yet feminine and fun. This, combined with her passion and deep wisdom makes for a very engaging experience that motivates as much as it empowers. Now I am off to prospect and prosper ..." Celynn Morin, Wellbeing Whisperer

“If you’re serious about speaking and want to get more bookings then I highly recommend Maria Franzoni’s course. I’ve never been comfortable promoting myself and I’ve tended to rely on word of mouth but the work dried up during the pandemic. I needed to reboot. I learnt so much from Maria. She makes prospecting for work easy and fun and if you follow through on her techniques you are pretty much guaranteed to open new doors.” Danny Scheinmann, Storyteller

"Maria Franzoni’s latest course, Practical Prospecting Day for Speakers is not only mega rich in content but instantaneously applicable, and I mean that literally!  The live exercises of the day challenged us to test-drive a series of techniques in the actual time of NOW. The results were astonishing for generating leads that converted to actual clients while on the course! I try to use this term sparingly but this was a game changer in my learning and development. Thank you Maria and Mary!" Diana Theodores, The Presence & Performance Specialist

"This Practical Prospecting Day is a gold mine. I got 114 new prospects and opportunities in just one day. This includes events and organisations that actually pay for speakers. After only two days, I scheduled a call with a HR Director of a global company, I am negotiating with a past client to start a 6 Month Program and I am having more than 40 conversations with decision-makers and bookers. You need two things to boost your speaking business. Attend the Practical Prospecting Day and then apply all the gold nuggets immediately!" Ricardo Cabete, Emotional Intelligence Speaker

“A really valuable and practical day though and lots of actions to take now.” Sylvia Baldock, Team Engagement & Collaboration Specialist

"I attended the Practical Prospecting course with Maria and Mary and what a goldmine of information it provided. So many tips and tricks that will be easy to adopt on a weekly basis that have the potential to enable us to reach more prospective clients and in fact, the ones we would most like to work with. Look forward to putting it all in to practice for 2022." Jane Gunn, The Barefoot Mediator

"This workshop totally blew my mind … in a good way …. I loved it! I have always kind of known what I need to do but never had the confidence or the script in my head of how to go out there and do it and what to say.  Thank you. Gosh - this is something I think every speaker needs in their life!" Marie Oakes, Wellbeing Speaker and Fashion Industry Expert.

“The practical prospecting course was jam packed full of actual practical tips and tactics to get more clients, we even put them into action during the workshop, proving that they actually work and were simple to apply. I gained so much from this day and walked away confident in my new strategy. Highly recommended!” Anna Hemmings, Business Performance Coach and Olympian

"The vast expertise of Maria and Mary is priceless and the session wasted no time in getting stuck in and putting things into practice, whilst learning from likeminded people. The workshop revisited many things I already knew but didn't have the confidence to do, and covered many more tools of the trade that will transform my prospecting process. As always the accountability will inspire action and I have no doubt the Practical Prospecting course will pay for itself many times over." Alex Staniforth, Record-breaking Adventurer

"The Prospecting Course opened up my eyes to the infinite seas of possibility that already exist. Thank you Maria and Mary." Penny Pullan, Renowned Expert in Virtual and Hybrid Leadership

"Thank you for yesterday’s prospecting workshop. So full of information, ideas and activities, simplifying the whole process. I am putting in place a system to diarise prospecting." Steve Catchick, Customer Retention Specialist

"I wish I'd taken this programme years ago! It would have helped me to be more prepared to act on the simple things that could help me to position myself, and my business in a more effective and elegant way. I'm kicking myself at the missed opportunities! Taking part in the programme has increased my appetite and confidence to generate business. It has helped me realise that opportunities are everywhere and that prospecting can actually be a whole heap of fun. The programme is very hands on, filled with insight and wisdom but simple enough to help me refine my unconscious and sporadic business development into focussed practical action. It's perfectly structured in bite-size nuggets of insight which are easy to apply straight away. Maria is a master of her craft and the individual attention offered during the programme worth its weight in gold. If you are a speaker or facilitator who wants to shift their mindset, reposition their biz development and fill their diary - don't hesitate. Jump in and seize this opportunity with both hands." Caroline Ravenall, Mental Agility & Executive Burnout Prevention Expert

Price: GBP 1500 plus VAT

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