Showreel Review

Is your showreel getting you booked?

Have you invested time and money in a showreel but it isn’t delivering bookings or not attracting the right level of client? Or maybe you are ready to update your reel and aren’t sure how you can make it better?

As a Speaker Bureau we see so many reels that just don’t help us get speakers booked. They may have been expensively edited but most editors don’t know anything about the speaking industry or what clients and bureaus are looking for.  They may produce a great looking video but it won’t do the job.

Video is vital, more important than it’s ever been and a showreel can be a game changer.  As serial entrepreneur, author and speaker Sahar Hashemi rightly says -

"The great thing about a showreel is that you can control your brand and give exactly the message you want."

If you’re ready to upgrade your reel and get better results, book a showreel review with Maria.  You will get her usual no nonsense to the point feedback and advice so you can produce a reel that will have clients and bureaus saying “WOW - I need to book this speaker”.

Anna Hemmings recently did just that and after taking Maria’s advice on board, produced the showreel below.


"Just as writers need great editors to produce great books, professional speakers need top quality feedback about their showreels and who better to get that feedback from than a top-of-the-range agent for speakers.  I’m talking about Maria Franzoni, the highly acclaimed agent, trainer and mentor for speakers who want to have a global impact.  Maria’s brand new Showreel Review Service is the perfect reflection of the woman herself: a great eye for style and aesthetics, rigorous, laser precise, thorough and operating at dynamo pace for fast turnaround.  I just experienced this video-based feedback on my own showreel and it was transformative. And best of all, Maria is such fun to work with. What a great way to learn and get the visibility your showreel needs!" Dr. Diana Theodores, The Presence & Performance Specialist

How does it work?

Book your session, email us a link to your video and Maria will record her feedback pausing your video to tell you what is good and what is bad, and why.

Price: GBP 97 plus VAT

What are most speakers missing that corporate clients look for? A killer showreel.

In my free guide to showreels that get you booked, I share with you the seven key elements to consider when making your showreel, and professional editing is only one of them!

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