Slide Presentation Workshop

Build more effective presentations that will engage your audience and achieve your objectives!

Leave with a revised PowerPoint Presentation in hand!


This is an interactive workshop where you will learn how to create powerful PowerPoint slides that will keep your audiences engaged and entertained and that will make tour presentations more memorable and effective. During this workshop you will learn tips and tricks to make creating a presentation easier.

You will also work to re-create one of your own presentations – or create a new one - so bring your laptop and a presentation – or an idea to work through.


  • Identify your audience and your audience’s objectives using the SAMPLE method
  • Discover how to tell the story
  • Determine when to use and when not to use slides
  • Identify the biggest mistakes people make when using PowerPoint
  • Determine the vital differences between a PowerPoint presentation and handouts
  • Discover the 4 most important elements of creating a PowerPoint slide:
    • Fonts
    • Effective animations
    • Images usage and techniques
    • Presenting Data effectively and engagingly
  • Learn hands-on PowerPoint techniques to enhance your slide presentation
  • Find out how to deal with the unexpected and how to set up for success
  • Create (or re-create) an effective PowerPoint Presentation of your own

Duration: 1-day (9:00 – 5:00)

Participants: Maximum 18

"Dave's slides were exactly right for my presentation and added a useful dimension, especially with the animated Guinness pint. He understood my purposes and was unfailingly helpful. I recommend him highly." PSA

"Ten minutes with Dave would help everyone build better presentations. This is very different to anything else I’ve heard." Pipetio

"Dave really understands how slides work and perhaps more importantly, how they don't work!" Ges Ray

David Henson:

Dave Henson

David Henson

David Henson set up The Regent Slide Company in 1986 and spent 13 years producing and imaging thousands of 35mm slides for many and varied businesses. But it wasn’t until he joined Toastmasters in 2011 and the Professional Speaking Association in 2016 that he realised that even good speakers produce bad slides. And now he’s on a crusade to eradicate excruciatingly boring slide presentations and to teach people how to produce slides that wow their audience and that make their talks memorable and effective.

Next workshop: 10th September 2019

Venue: Space 8 - Jerwood Space

Price: GBP 297 plus VAT

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