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Give yourself the best chance to get paid speaking gigs by having a Killer Speaker Showreel. Killer because you’ll have not only top quality video and audio but the expertise of a team of bookers working on your reel, who know exactly what other bookers need to see in order to choose you over the competition. We will create not one but three videos for you, your showreel, a TED style talk and an 'about me' video. The Showreel Day is run by MARIA FRANZONI AND MARY TILLSON FROM MARIA FRANZONI LTD, in collaboration with NEIL ARMSTRONG FILMS.

My showreel was put forward by a Speaker Agency I’ve not worked with before, to XXXXXX to support their staff with Resilience and Performance. I got the gig, undoubtedly because of the showreel….. Well since that session the client booked me for 3 more gigs in the same month, which would all have come from the showreel getting me over the line. Charlie Cannon

If you want clients to choose you make it easy for them to do so, give them great video. Video that will show them the quality of content you can deliver and give them certainty that you are the right speaker for the job.  And make it top quality.

On our showreel day we are going to create not just one video for you but three:

  • A TED style videos for clients who want to see a full short speech
  • An 'about me' video – where you tell clients who you are and why you are the right person for them
  • A stand-alone killer showreel that will give a client everything they need to know to book you

Serial entrepreneur and best-selling author Sahar Hashemi says:

The great thing about a showreel is that you can control your brand and give exactly the message you want.

We completely agree with this quote. Sahar’s showreel brought her lots of business and helped her to become one of the most booked speakers on our Speaker Bureau roster. She invested in that reel more than 12 years ago and it’s still bringing her business. We are astounded at how many speakers wanting to get bookings don’t have video. And without video how can clients who haven’t seen you speak choose you?

But getting good quality video
is really difficult.

If you’re starting out you don’t have opportunities to be filmed. If you are speaking already and you do manage to get videoed it’s usually been filmed by someone who is filming the event rather than filming you with the sole purpose of creating a reel. That means that the sound might be compromised, the angles are wrong and you aren’t shown at your best.

Let’s say you do manage to get good quality footage, more often than not it’s then not edited with the end client in mind so the clips that are chosen might be chosen because they are funny rather than because they highlight the value you bring and the problems you solve.

In fact, a good reel
will attract bookers to you.

A showreel is a great tool for speakers and gives you control. It allows you to choose the best bits and to present yourself in the best way possible to your potential clients. It’s really a video advert.

OK so we’ve established you need one and it’s not easy to get a good one, so we’re going to do it for you.

Here are some examples ...

This is what our participants have said:

“Working with Maria to produce my showreel has taken my speaking business to a whole new level. One new client, (who saw me speak but had to persuade the conference committee to book me) told me that the showreel made it easy. The committee watched and bingo, I got the booking!  That was the first, and there have been 2 more this month. Delighted - and being bureau ready has really helped me with the next stage of enhancing my reputation, professionalising my offer and growing my speaking business. It was fun to produce too! Thanks Maria and the great team who brought everything together. I’ll be back for an update next year!”

Sophie Bennett

Thanks Maria Franzoni, Mary Tillson and team for sharing your generous insights and great support to bring it all together.

Lorraine Carter

What's included:

A full appraisal of your speaking business with Maria so that we are sure that when we come to produce the videos they speak to  the right audience and supports your speaking business, more information here.

A session with Mary Tillson to help you hone your content plus some coaching to make sure you deliver your very best.

There will be professional photos taken both in action and portrait.

We will storyboard the video for you and even select and edit the right testimonials to make you shine.

We will ensure that you have a well written intro to open your video.

The fabulous Neil Armstrong and his crew and editor will be creating their magic. Not only will you get your reel but you will get a 15 min TED style video and an 'about me' video.

But even better than that, and this is something no one else will do, you will have a bureau, i.e. Mary and Maria, supported by the professional eyes of Tom Morley selecting the right clips for you, so that when the videos are edited they are as impactful as they can possibly be and speaks to the booker.

You will receive 3 broadcast quality videos 100% owned by you. You can use it on your website, on YouTube, on social media send it to bookers and conference organisers.

We've put together our team to create great video for you:


Maria Franzoni

Maria has spent over 20 years working in and running international Speaker Bureaus. Her expertise is in understanding a client’s needs and matching speakers to those needs for 4, 5 and 6 figure speaking fees.

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Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong is our go to Showreel expert. He has been making films and TV programmes for over 33 years. Neil’s credits include ‘Alter Ego’ with Jon Culshaw, ‘Renford Rejects’, ‘The Miners “Location, Location, Location”


Mary Tillson

Mary Tillson is our head of Learning.  She is a highly experienced management and leadership development Principal Consultant with international experience and has previously held leadership roles, both within the training industry, for OnTrack and American Express.


Rob Kennard

Experienced corporate photographer and videographer Rob Kennard is our go to guy for portrait and in action shots. Once you have  your showreel videos you’ll need professional photos for clients to put you into their event programmes and for use on your website!

The real value of this package is that you get Neil Armstrong’s 30 years directing/filming experience, Learning expert Mary Tillson’s help to hone your message and Maria's critical, pull no punches, booker’s eye (she's known for telling it like it is) to create a showreel that will get you booked.

Plus, we will also have our professional photographer Rob Kennard there to capture both in action and still shots of you.  Because after clients see your reel and they book you, you are going to need need professional photos to add you to their programmes and websites!

maria-glasses (1)

You won’t get a team with this level of experience and expertise in the speaking industry anywhere else! Reserve your place now for £7499.00 plus VAT*!

*Payment plans also available

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What are most speakers missing that corporate clients look for? A killer showreel.

In my free guide to showreels that get you booked, I share with you the seven key elements to consider when making your showreel, and professional editing is only one of them!