Speaking Contract Template

You’ve secured a speaking engagement, but you now need to produce a contract for the client to sign.  Small issue, you don’t have one!

We have a template covering everything you need – just add your letterhead and personal details and it’s good to go.  Simply send this document over for your client to complete and sign, the document covers all the event details and requirements as well as terms and conditions. The template covers:

  • Full booking details including, venue, audience, brief, books, recording, media etc
  • Terms and Conditions including payment, cancellation, expenses, GDPR etc

It is based on our Speaker Bureau contract, one that we use day in and day out for our bookings.  Note this is specifically written for UK based speakers – booking in or outside of the UK, or international speakers intending to work with UK companies.  For all over kinds of bookings the document may need modifying.

It really is that simple!

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Price: GBP 24.99 plus VAT