Speaking in a Different World – How to get Booked & Paid to Speak

The world has changed and it’s unlikely to go back to what we knew.  What worked for you in your speaking business in the past isn’t going to work now, or tomorrow.  You need to rethink, reset and reinvent.  And we will help you to do just that.  Watch this video for an overview.

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Essential but often overlooked basics that the top 1% of speakers never do (and why many are still getting booked during a pandemic)
Essential, but in our collective years of experience, often overlooked basics. Mistakes speakers make time and time again that stop them getting booked! The content here also serves to provide some foundation learning and skills that underpin the remainder of the programme.

Understanding the new market-place and ensuring you are relevant
We have been busy talking to other speaker bureau owners around the world and have gathered an overview of what is going on in the global market-place now and the possible scenarios for the coming years.  In this session we will look at what that means for you so that you are relevant and therefore bookable.

Quality scoping guaranteed to get you more business and more than “just a speech”
Being able to scope brilliantly is an essential skill, in not just digging down into what the client really wants, but also enhances your personal gravitas with your client. By asking quality incisive questions, their level of confidence and trust in you naturally increases and makes you the speaker they would choose. Additionally, it serves to identify potential options for you beyond “just a talk”, that can lead to increased income for you!

How to build an Expert Profile that gets you highly paid
This session is to help you to establish your positioning as a go to expert/specialist and not just a speaker.  By doing so it is much easier to attract clients to you who will want to work with you because your value is clear to them.  This is one of the hardest things to do on your own and it’s vital, we will use our combined 50 years’ of experience in the industry to help you nail this.

Deliver your expertise using this simple framework so that it is more powerful, memorable and actionable.
Once you have a good understanding of what the market and clients need now, you are now able to develop your relevant, memorable content, content that makes it easy for your audience to act on! (remember, it’s all only ever about your audience!) This session provides you with all you need to ensure your content is memorable, relevant, and easy to listen to and not an information overload.

Get visible to attract and reach out to bookers 
In this session we will cover how to use video to not only showcase you as a speaker but to also attract high paying clients, you can get started whatever your budget.  We will cover showreels, content videos and several others you may not have thought of so that you have an easy to implement strategy to attract business. We finish the session showing you exactly where the clients are, you will come away with leads and potential paid events to take your speaking business to the next level.


  • You will have a 1:1 with both Maria and Mary during the programme to work on your speaking business and content.
  • You'll work with Maria to create up to 6 pieces of video content which you will have available immediately to share on all your social media platforms, your website, YouTube channels and with your mailing list to kick start your momentum.
  • A current leader and former CEO, Jeremy Schwartz, will join one of the sessions to listen to you present and will provide feedback.
  • Jon Hammond, our tech guru, will run a 30 minutes Zoom session with each person to share the strategies, tips, tricks, and techniques needed to connect effectively and memorably whilst presenting virtually.
  • Kay Korsh, our stylist, will run a 45 minutes group style consultation on:
    • Dressing according to the event you speak at.
    • How to build an outfit.
    • Dressing according to your brand.
    • Q&A session.

TOTAL VALUE - Priceless!    

GBP 2497 plus VAT*

(*Payment plans available)


(BST time zone)

Wednesday June 2nd 10:00 - 11:30am - Setting you up for Success
Friday June 4th 10:00 - 12:00pm - Session 1 - Essential Basics
Wednesday June 9th 10:00 - 12:00pm - Questions & Actions Session 1
Friday June 11th 10:00-12:00pm - Session 2 - The Marketplace
Wednesday June 16th 10:00 - 12:00pm - Questions & Actions Session 2
Friday June 18th 10:00 - 12:00pm - Session 3 - Quality Scoping
Wednesday June 23rd 10:00-12:00pm - Questions & Actions Session 3
Friday June 25th 10:00 - 12:00pm - Session 4 - Expert Profile
Wednesday June 30th 10:00 - 12:00pm - Questions & Actions Session 4
Friday July 2nd 10:00-12:00pm - Session 5 - Simple Framework
Wednesday July 7th 10:00 - 12:00pm- Questions & Actions Session 5
Friday July 9th 10:00 - 12:00pm - Session 6 - The Power of Video
Wednesday July 14th 10:00 - 12:00pm - Questions & Actions Session 6

Bonuses - Dates to be agreed at the start of the programme

Each Session will be recorded and includes Actionable Tools & Worksheets to download and complete with Maria and Mary.

What a few of our speakers have said of our programmes:

"I was lucky enough to meet and be coached by Maria Franzoni quite early in my move from team building to speaking.  I think she saved me 5 to 10 years of expensive trial and error." Tom Morley, Rockstar Activator

"This programme has been a game changer for me. I feel equipped and supported by a team of professionals focussed entirely on my success in sharing knowledge. Each outstanding in their field and each determined to get the best possible outcome. Straight talking, informative and challenging. I loved every session and came away inspired and equipped to speak." Suzie de Rohan Willner, CEO of Toast



The team below will run this interactive workshop:


Maria Franzoni

Maria Franzoni has been selling business speakers to global corporates for over 23 years and is a leading expert on knowing what they are looking for when choosing a speaker. She knows why a client will choose one speaker over another and why 1% of the Speakers get 80% of the bookings.

To learn more about Maria:

MFL Speaker Bureau




Mary Tillson

Mary Tillson is Head of Speaker Coaching & Momentum, helping speakers develop their content and messaging, and maximise their personal impact and delivery style to ensure that they are at all times relevant, memorable and make it easy for their audience to be able to listen to and understand them. 

To learn more about Mary:

MFL Speaker Bureau


What are most speakers missing that corporate clients look for? A killer showreel.

In my free guide to showreels that get you booked, I share with you the seven key elements to consider when making your showreel, and professional editing is only one of them!

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