The Ultimate Sales Seminar for Professional Speakers

How to get more speaking engagements, charge more money, get more repeat business and establish yourself as a top professional speaker.

Maria Franzoni head of MFL.Global & an Elder at London Speaker Bureau, and full time international professional speaker Philip Hesketh will give you all you need to go to the next level. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Learn when to engage with bureaus and when not to. Learn from Philip Hesketh’s mistakes - a man who has gone from running a successful advertising business to only speaking full time and turning down as many gigs as he accepts. Learn from Maria Franzoni’s experiences of booking gold medal winners, Prime Ministers and celebrities for many, many blue chip clients.

Learn what clients really want.

A day run by one of the UK’s top speaker bookers with 25 years experience booking speakers internationally - and one of the UK’s top professional speakers. A man who has earned several million pounds as a professional speaker in the last 17 years and has done so without having won an Olympic medal, climbed Everest, won a World Cup nor been on ‘The Apprentice’ or ‘Love Island’.

He also sells out his public seminars and will tell you all the tricks he’s learned to do that.

If you want to turbo charge your speaking business and learn these seven critical things this could be the most valuable day you could spend:

  • How to discount less, charge more and command high speaking fees
  • How to get more gigs - what works and what doesn’t
  • What speaker bureaus really want and how to get booked by them
  • Why most speakers charge less than the client is willing to pay
  • What clients really pay for when they hire an external speaker
  • How to get repeat bookings
  • How to get referrals

Maria Franzoni and Philip Hesketh will also take you through their key learnings as speaker booker and full-time professional speaker for a combined total of over 40 years in an industry that is full of smoke and mirrors:

  • Marketing your speaking business - what works and what doesn’t
  • The key things to have on your web site to position you as a Keynote speaker AND be ‘bureau friendly’
  • What to do when a client asks if your fee is ‘negotiable’
  • Terms and conditions - a template for speakers
  • Why most speaker bureaus won’t book you
  • The importance of knowing your niche and why a client should book you
  • What clients want when they book you and what they actually want on the Big Day
  • How to build your reputation, gain credibility and position yourself as a world expert on the internet
  • How to pitch against other speakers
  • How to position yourself as the best in the business

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TIMINGS: Arrival 08:30 Start 09:00 Finish 17:00


The team below will run this interactive workshop:


Maria Franzoni

Maria has spent over 20 years working in and running international Speaker Bureaus. Her expertise is in understanding a client’ needs and matching speakers to those needs for 4, 5 and 6 figure speaking fees.

To learn more about Maria:

MFL Speaker Bureau

London Speaker Bureau




Philip Hesketh

Having built an acclaimed £48m business in 17 consecutive years of growth, Philip Hesketh now shares the psychology of influence and persuasion as a full-time professional speaker. Audiences worldwide have been entertained and inspired to thrive, not just survive. His proven techniques empowering us to persuade, influence and achieve real world success seen in greater sales, stronger relationships and life satisfaction – not broken promises.

To learn more about Philip:

Philip Hesketh website

MFL Profile


Price: GBP 249 plus VAT

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