Let us train your PA to be your Speaking Agent

Imagine having your PA personally trained on a one-to-one basis by a former Speaker Bureau Agent, not just any agent, but someone with 23 year’s industry experience.

Maria Franzoni will set your Speaking Business Assistant up to confidently support you and help you to grow your Speaking Business with specific training enabling them to find and handle enquiries, understand the marketplace, negotiations and contracts, content planning and much more.

This is a 7-session programme for your assistant (VA, PA, EA) to set them up confidently to support you and help you to grow your Speaking Business.

Each session is 75 to 90 minutes, recorded on Zoom, templates and scripts are provided.

Session 1 – Market Overview and Handling Enquiries

  • An overview of the speaker market and how it works (globally) including who the bookers are (job roles, titles etc) and the types of events they run.
  • How to handle an incoming enquiry, what information to gather, questions to ask – we will also set up an enquiry form if you don’t already have one (including role play with real enquiry examples).

Sessions 2 and 3 – Finding Prospects and Paid Speaking Opportunities

Finding prospects through:

  • Swarming, (leveraging your existing contacts)
  • Spying (leveraging other speaker’s contacts and past events)
  • Cloning (identifying and replicating your best customers)

We will also cover setting up Excel Spreadsheets or updating your CRM to track all the opportunities as well as providing scripts you can use when approaching prospects and past clients.

Session 4 - Proposals

How to write a proposal (we can create a bespoke template for you if you don't already have one). When to follow up and what to do if things go quiet after a proposal has been sent.

Session 5 – Fee and Contract Negotiation

Fee and contract negotiation, (what all the terms mean - what is and is not negotiable and what to do when clients try to move the goal posts). Plus, how not to discount, how to hold price and when and how to increase fees.  Templates of booking forms and contracts to use for all bookings will be provided.

Session 6 – Opportunities to increase business

How to get more business at each stage of the customer journey:

  • Enquiry
  • Proposal
  • Briefing
  • The day of the event
  • After the event

Session 7 – Content Planning

Attracting work through your content. Get your assistant to manage and help you with your content.  We will create a content plan together that is easy to execute and aligned to your business objectives.  During the session we will come up with a 3-month content plan (minimum).

I have been working with speaker, Penny Mallory, as her assistant and booker, but the speaking world is new to me, and I was keen to fast track my knowledge of the industry. I asked Maria to train me, and it was invaluable. As a result of the training, I now understand how the speaking world operates, I have a plan for a years' worth of marketing content, I know to how to generate leads, how to prioritise enquiries, cost Penny’s services and negotiate fees - all of which will build the business.  Maria’s style was just what I was hoping for - straight to the point, quality over quantity, all based on her extensive first-hand experience and no waffle. The training has been invaluable and is already paying back dividends! Georgie Gridley, Assistant to Penny Mallory

Full programme GBP 2000

Individual sessions are charged at GBP 350 each

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