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Do you wish you had someone in the speaking industry you could talk to, someone who knows what’s going on in the market, what clients are looking for from speakers, what’s hot and what’s not?   Someone who can save you a ton of time in research, help you to achieve your speaking goals and answer your questions?

Many speakers have found it invaluable to have ready access to and ongoing support from Maria when it comes to growing their Speaking Business. If you are looking to

  • Position yourself in a competitive market
  • Take your speaking international
  • Become one of the most booked speakers in the industry
  • Get listed with Speaker Bureaus
  • Charge higher fees 
  • Find paid speaking gigs
  • Close more deals 
  • Get Feedback on your showreel
  • Showreel Storyboarding
  • Grow your Speaking Business

Maria will help you.

As one of the most experienced speaker bookers in Europe and recognised as a speaking industry expert, Maria supports speakers (established and new) to enter into new markets, develop content, make strategic decisions about their speaking business, develop longer relationships with clients and maximise their income.

Work with Maria on a one-to-one basis and she will provide honest and direct feedback and practical solutions for your speaking business.

"Maria is a true expert in the professional speaking industry and has a wealth of knowledge about how to survive (and thrive) as a speaker. She is generous with her support of speakers, both those who are new to the profession and those who have, er, been doing the rounds for a while! But, most importantly, she is genuinely committed to their long-term success and business growth. She knows nearly everyone and absolutely everything and is a rockstar coach to have in your corner. If you're looking to grow your speaking success, talk to Maria." Allister Frost, Change Optimist

“I really can't recommend a session with Maria highly enough.  With her deep and dedicated experience both from the client and the speaker angle she has the ability to give you the most eye-opening insights that can completely renew your speaking career.  She pushes you right out of your comfort zone and ingrained habits- and gives you both the inspiration and the actionable tools to completely reinvent and reposition yourself to keep in step with what the speaking world needs “ Sahar Hashemi, Entrepreneur

“Maria proves that you can take the transactional to transformational.” Jamil Qureshi, Performance Psychologist

“Thanks for sharing all your amazing knowledge and making it sound so clear and simple.” Steffi Bednarek, Psychotherapist

"Working with Maria Franzoni was a memorable experience answering professionally all my questions related to dealing with speakers bureaus , how and when to approach them on top of the style and pace to build a solid relationship with them. Finally Maria introduced me to 3 leading Bureaus in Europe that I ended up signing with them. If you're looking to accelerate your speaking  career , there is only one Name to Consider..... MARIA FRANZONI." Maher Mehzer, Innovation Expert

"I had a one to one strategy session with Maria - it was exactly what I needed and more. Having the opportunity to explore challenges from an external viewpoint was invaluable and helped me to move forwards when my own emotional connection was getting in the way - I'm excited to get on with putting my plan into action." Alex Staniforth, Adversity Adventurer

"I have 4 pages of A4 notes from my mentoring session with Maria yesterday, with ‘aha’ moments galore. Many were things I knew already but hadn’t really acted on as a professional speaker and others were the sort of insights into the speaking business that would take years (and no doubt lots of costly mistakes) to find out. Thank you Maria!"  Penny Pullan, Virtual & Hybrid Leadership Expert

    What are most speakers missing that corporate clients look for? A killer showreel.

    In my free guide to showreels that get you booked, I share with you the seven key elements to consider when making your showreel, and professional editing is only one of them!

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