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Clients today are often looking for more than “just a speech”. They increasingly want implementation, not simply information and many want to see a return on their investment(ROI). Many are now looking for more interaction, Masterclasses, Workshops and for some, full programmes of learning to really embed the skills and knowledge acquired during a keynote, back within their business.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for any speaker to grow their income and truly make a difference for their clients as well as extend their penetration within a client’s organisation. These new demands from clients can also present a challenge for many speakers who often have to work in isolation and have no expert they can easily tap into to help them develop new approaches, content, and material, or give them objective feedback on their delivery and content.

If you would like help with any of the following please contact Mary, our executive coach, who helps speakers rekindle their motivation and increase their self confidence and enjoyment of their content and messaging.

  • You want to be able to deliver more than “Just speech” and develop your content/keynote/book into perhaps a Masterclass, a workshop, or maybe a full blended training programme, but have no idea where to start.
  • You want help making your Keynote more interactive
  • You want coaching in how to actually deliver/facilitate these more complex workshops and programmes
  • You would welcome a gift of objective and insightful feedback and healthy challenge around your existing content/speeches/online sessions and messaging, and delivery style, combined with ideas on opportunities to improve or perhaps extend your current offering
  • You would like to learn techniques into how to professionally scope with a client in such a way that ring fences you from your competitors, and opens up possibilities of you delivering something beyond a Keynote
  • You would value learning a brilliant framework for planning and then structuring all your talks/ sessions that you can use time and time again, and which when applied ensures you are at all times : relevant, memorable and make it easy for your audience. A winner at every level!.
  • You want help developing and improving your existing Keynote(s)  or perhaps want to create a whole new Keynote and are not sure where to start
  • You want to be able to deliver that all important ROI for your client but are not sure how to achieve it and would welcome advice and ideas
  • You simply want to a fresh eye and ear on your content, and an objective and experienced sounding board to bounce your ideas around with and boost your confidence

"Mary is quite simply one of the best coaches I've had the privilege of working with - and I've been lucky enough to work with some awesome people. I was trying to break down what Mary does brilliantly and what does differently. So brilliant: she is passionate, she is full of amazing insights and techniques developed from many years in the business, she's not afraid to tell you that inconvenient truth. Different? The big one for me is love. It sounds corny but its the truth. While working with Mary you feel as if you are the most important person in the world to Mary at the moment. This in itself is a gift. Then there is the fact she goes the extra mile and then some. So I've received a call just checking too see how I was doing. Finally, and this she does with passion, she never gives up on you. In the end my sessions with Mary have been life and career changing." Jack Milner Comedy Director, Producer & Writer 

"I have just worked with Mary Tillson on an online course. Have you worked with her yet? You need to - she is brilliant. She gets it. She just seems to know what works, what's right and how to put it all together. Her experience is immense and I highly recommend you talk to her if you're thinking of building speeches, courses or workshops etc."  Penny Mallory, Performance Psychologist

Cost From: £500 plus VAT

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